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San Blas Islands, Panama

A Little Slice of Paradise! Like most of the countries I visit, I don't know much about them until I start planning the trip. I rarely go back to the same place over again, well, because there are so many other places I haven't been.  Panama wasn't really on the top of my list of places to go, but since we were planning Colombia, it seemed a natural stop on the way home. I would certainly go back to San Blas though! I knew so little about Panama before getting there that I didn't even realize they use the American Dollar there. I have been so used to exchanging money that it didn't even dawn on me that they would use our money.  Yes, they have their own, but rarely used or found, unless you're a local.   Personally, I didn't care much for Panama City. For me, it was just too western, too big and not very inviting. Part of it might be that we had just come from Colombia which I loved, for the opposite reasons. Don't get me wrong,

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